Rehabilitation Hospital

For my final senior project, I was allowed to choose a project of my choice.  I had to:

  • Choose an industry/focus that interested us
  • Find a building and acquire floorplans to understand existing conditions
  • Choose investigative questions related to my chosen industry
  • Research codes, industry background, trends, and design solutions
  • Design my own conceptual model
  • Make design decisions based on my research and conceptual model
  • Complete construction documents
I chose rehabilitation hospital design.  It tied into my healthcare background and my love of fitness.  I was also intrigued with the latest research on inpatient room design solutions.  Using an existing rehabilitation hospital footprint, I made improvements to maximize functionalities, sustainability, and patient outcomes which were the three prongs of my conceptual model.  My research on existing rehabilitation hospitals, recent LEED healthcare projects, evidence-based design solutions, and innovative inpatient design ideas supported my design solution.

Below is the Project Summary.  Click the slideshow to open the slideshow for full-screen viewing.

Below is the conceptual model I designed that drove my design choices.  Click it to open it for full-screen viewing.









Below is the Construction Document preview.  Click it to open it for full screen viewing.